Flea Tip
One safe way to remove a sudden flea infestation is to shampoo your dog well with lemon Joy or Dawn dish soap. 

Bladder Problems or Possible Infection?
I have a new addition to my family.  Her name is Little Nikki Puppy.  Really her name is Puppy, and well, I've added the other names because everyone uses the word, puppy.  Puppy has had issues with a bladder infection. 
It seems to come and go and I found something that works. I recommend your local vet of course, but as most things go, the problem seems to occur when everything is closed and at bed time.  Here's what worked for me.  There are natural cures, such as cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar.  Neither of which my puppy would drink willingly, until I soaked chopped up treats and some kibble in some apple cider vinegar and she was willing to eat it.  It seemed to relieve much of her issue within a few hours and at day 3, no more issue.  Day 2 she did get me up after I went to bed and early in the morning.  I'm only suggesting it as an emergency treatment until you can get to the vet.
  I do have a great 24 vet hospital near by, but as with all emergencies they can be expensive.  So this is worth a try.

A new site for Mushers Secret.
Camping Dog Supply's site is down so I had to find another site getting Musher's Secret.  Try here.

Jealous of your dog walker or sitter? 

It's normal.  We are paid to care for your pet.  We are your animals favorite Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent.  All it means is that we are doing our job.  Your dog still loves you the best.  Here's an inside tip.  Our animals have their favorite people too.  If your dog does not get excited to see your pet care provider, find a different one.  Your dog should always be excited to see your dog boarder, or pet sitter or walker.  Remember, you hired us to care for your pet and it's our job to spend time with them and spoil them.

Beware of Hot Pavement!   Dog Pads are not Shoes!  Stick to the Grass! 
Our dogs do not complain much.  With the hot summer weather, pavement and sidewalks can become super hot.   Just take off your shoes and put your bare feet down and you'll realize it's too hot for your pet.  It's easy to forget especially in the Pacific Northwest.  There is a good product I found that I carry with me at all times.  Mushers Secret 100% natural waxes.  It's good for cuts, scrapes and freezing pads. 

Close those windows! 
With the hot weather we tend to leave our windows open.  Screens are not made to keep dogs in.  On one occasion, my dog Evy had pushed the living room window open just enough to get her head out. She had pushed out the screen.  I have stop locks, which are safety points that stop the window from opening more than a few inches, but she was still able to open it enough to get her head out. 

Deskunk Recipe! (Also works on Smelly Collars)
Odds are that when your pet gets sprayed by a skunk it will be at a time when the local groomer is not open.  Here is a quick recipe to de-skunk your pet.  Hopefully you have the ingredients around the house.  If not, the 24 hour market or Pharmacy will have the items you need.

1) Do NOT let the animal in the house.
2) Put on old clothes and break out the rubber gloves. (Washing your clothes in the washer will take out the smell but why chance it - toss the clothes)

Mix 1 quart of fresh Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 tablespoon of dish soap or liquid hand soap if dish soap is not available.  There is another variation where you use 4 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide and water.

Wet down the dog which will bring out the skunk smell even more.

Just before you put the mixture on the dog mix in 1/4 cup of baking soda.  Immediately coat the pet. 

Let the solution stay on for 10-15 minutes.  Repeat if necessary.

Use normal shampoo and shampoo dog. 

There is another recipe that uses scope.  Check it out here.

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