Zak at Grandview Off Leash Dog ParkPet Adoptathon September 2010 Kent StationChloe Sleeping
Partial picture of yard from my deck.Partial picture of yard from my deck.  Kiddy pools for the dogs cleaned regularly.The back yard is interesting with lots of places to hide and sniff and hunt around.
Cooper and Nitro enjoying the water.Sleepy time after a good day of playMore Sleepy time.
PlaytimeMore PlaytimeSo Much Playtime
Dogs are allowed to be dogs at my place.  Look a new dog trick. Stuff toy begone!Where's the ball?  Do you see? I don't see it?  How about you?You are getting very sleepy...
More of my fully fenced yardDog beds everywhere but we prefer the couch.Taking a Break.
Cooper Loves the Water and SunHappy Smiling DogsWe Play Inside Too!
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